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The safety of our clients and staff are of the utmost importance during these unprecedented times.
Due to our rigid screening & sanitization protocols some aspects of your appointment may have
changed. We are committed to providing the same extensive care we always do – it just may look a
little different.

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Aesthetic treatments for the face, body, skin and women’s health & wellness.
InMode’s products feature state-of-the-art light, laser, and radio-frequency devices invented by leading doctors and scientists to provide patients with cutting edge pigment & vascular treatments, minimally invasive neck, face & body contouring & non-invasive skin and tissue remodeling for the face.

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InMode Services
Quinte Dermatology
When you see a board-certified dermatologist, you are seeing someone who has completed
typically 4 years of University, 4 years of Medical School followed by 5 years of specialized training
in dermatology. A board-certified dermatologist has passed a rigorous exam process to gain the
title of Dermatologist. A Dermatologist may practice both medical and cosmetic skin care.

At Quinte Dermatology we see both medical & cosmetic patients. Medically we see all ages from
newborns to over 100 years young and treat hundreds of skin conditions ranging from assessment
of benign skin lesions to skin cancers, common skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis to the
more rare and serious autoimmune blistering diseases. We also refer to other specialists as

Dr. Laura Pickett is the Medical Director at Quinte Dermatology. She received her MD from the American University of the Caribbean where she completed most of her clinical training in London England, New York City and the Cleveland Clinic in Florida. She completed her Dermatology training at the University…

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Dr. Laura Pickett